Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I haven't laughed uncontrollably in a long time. Thankfully J provided an opportunity last night when he played a Tivo'd Divorce Court for me. While he was flipping from one news show to the next, something about this episode caught his eye and I'm so glad it did. I have never watched Divorce Court before and I probably won't ever again. But the case of Mr. and Mrs. McClain will stay on our DVR for a bit just in case I need a good laugh. I won't try to describe the whole thing, because it will ruin it if you ever see a rerun (or come over to our house in the near future). My stomach hurt from laughing. And just to see J laughing that hard too was good for my soul. An evening well spent.

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Sara D. said...

Yeah!!! I just found your blog...I think Becky Canatsey told me about it! So fun...I am adding you to my list of favorite friends as soon as I send this comment!

Pillowcase dresses--pick a day! I have been meaning to coordinate that and I has slipped throught the cracks. So...you tell me what works. Evenings? Afternoon? I know you are working, so you pick and I will get a group together. And yes, you can come over to embroider anything--I'm happy to do it for you if you come and keep me company!!

Let me know a good date--seriously.