Monday, June 27, 2011

Just got back from a quick run - my running partners knew what I didn't, a second huge storm is about to sweep through St. Louis.  No wonder they stayed at home.  Next time I'll check the weather. 

Quick update: 

The summer with the kiddos has been good so far, but not without it's bumps in the road.  M lasted only a couple of days at art camp before they told us that they couldn't accomodate her special needs.  Thankfully, I talked to the director at the summer program at her school and she can start there today.  I hope that the money is refunded to the Special Education Foundation and that they can transfer it over to the new camp because our funds are low.

Jeff just got out of the shower so I'm going to hurry and take one before the storm hits!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Can't Sleep

My mind is racing with lots of things and I can't seem to settle down.  If it wasn't crazy, I would go for a run outside right now.  I spent a majority of the night looking through baby pictures of the girls.  Happy and sad.  Things were so messy in my life when they were babies.  Not that they aren't now - just a better mess. 

Jeff let me take a nap today because I wasn't feeling good this morning, but maybe I slept a little too long.  I must have needed it though because even the loud banging noises from the bathroom being demo'd didn't bother me.  JJ did visit me a few times and woke me up with an accidental whack to the head.  :) 

There have been tons of things that I've wanted to blog about since my last post, but our Summer is off and running.  I'm working part-time, we're still renovating the house, and life in general is full-speed ahead.  Here are the things I WOULD HAVE blogged about if I'd found the time:

Our Awesome 10th Anniversary Dinner (made perfect by a surprise violin serenade from a 1st chair of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra)
Mom-Guilt (what's new?)
Running (so thankful for my M.O.THE.R. running group!)
Our house projects
Summer weekend plans
Books I'm reading
My Facebook dilemma (Should I Stay or Should I Go?)

Well, 4 am is sneaking up on me and the girls will be awake in a coupe hours.  Maybe I should try again.