Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We moved and I made a dress!

This is a really quick post because I am exhausted and I am going to watch Parenthood with Jeff - it's our new favorite show. But I wanted to give you a sneak peek to what I will be blogging about for a solid year at least - our new home renovation! We bought a 1930's Saltbox (or maybe it's a Colonial?), AS-IS on the cutest.street.ever. Don't be scared off by the wallpaper that looks like it's from Miss Kitty's Saloon. Or the pink tile in the bathrooms. Or the strawberry patch kitchen with red gingham drapes. I have a vision. I wish I had the bank account to go with it though. It will be a long process but it will be so neat to see it change! I have always wanted to renovate an older home! And I love our cute street and our new city.

The other picture is of a dress I made at my friend Sara's house the other night. This one is for Miss M and I have more fabric to make another one for JJ. JJ's dress might not look as cute because this one was half me and more than half Sara. She is an AMAZING seamstress and all-around craft genius. You should see the quilt she made for her kids teacher! I had a great time the other night, but it was almost midnight and my thread kept breaking while trying to do my ruffle so she finished it for me.

Now it's off to watch Parenthood!