Monday, April 9, 2012

Blogging, redirected.

I was going to write a post on deep thoughts provoked by Jen Hatmaker's posts on Easter, but that was before I stepped in dog crap this morning.  Now those thoughts are gone and replaced by negative thoughts and feelings.  I have yet to go outside and spray said dog crap off my cute deck shoes because I need to work up the desire to meet with fecal matter once again today.  The frustrating points of stepping in dog crap today were:
1. We don't own a dog and neither do our neighbors so where the hell did the dog crap come from?
2. I ran all the way to school behind M's bike and didn't notice I had stepped in dog crap.
3. I ran all the way home and got in the van to go to the chiropractor and didn't notice I had stepped in dog crap.
4. I laid down on the adjustment table and didn't notice I had stepped in dog crap.
5. I smeared dog crap all over my other shoe, my jeans, the adjustment table and STILL didn't notice that I had stepped in dog crap until Dr. Bob came in and let me know that there was DOG CRAP all over the place. 

So I walked out of Dr. Bob's barefoot like a cast member of an Appalachian Emergency Room skit on SNL and headed back home. 

*If you look closely, you can see a pretty unique-looking squashed caterpillar on the bottom of my crap-filled shoe.  I'm sure this is God's humorous way of reminding me that there is beauty amidst the mess.

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