Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things I Would Spend Money On If I Had Any

1. A gas fireplace insert.
2. A new couch.
3. A plumber for our gutted bathroom upstairs so Jeff wouldn't have to do it himself.
4. An eliptical trainer.
5. Furniture for our enclosed porch - I like the brown wicker stuff from Pottery Barn.
6. A lot of things from Pottery Barn.
7. Fabric from the fabric store that I am in love with.  Green with brown stripes - beautiful.
8. Elfa shelf system for the girls' playroom.
9. Lumber to build beds for the girls' room to look like many of the pictures I have saved on Pinterest.
10. A carpenter to do the work so that, once again, Jeff doesn't have to.  Wait - Jeff won't be doing that anyway - he says we have to finish the bathroom before we do anything else.  But I highly doubt the bed project will ever happen.
11. A vacation to somewhere warm.
12. New jeans.
13. Cozy sweaters.
14. Shoes that M will actually wear.
15. A new garage door/opener.
16. Actually, just an entirely new garage. 
17. A custom closet.
18. World peace.  Saying that will help me get all of these things, right?


amanda said...

I was totally hoping there would be something on that list that could be sewn or handmade. : ) If there ever is, you know where to find me.

Becca said...

And I would just add a housekeeper/laundry folder /organizer. :)