Monday, September 12, 2011

Sick and Wrong

I don't think this picture even needs words, but I will say how terribly gross it is to dress your toddler in Baby Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie.  Zulily needs to fire the copywriter who wrote the description of the collection, which consists of slutty rompers for 2-year-olds, because there is nothing classy about this look.  Well, I guess they were just doing their job and covering for the no-taste buyer who wasted their company's money and reputation due to what I can only guess was not enough sleep or caffeine on said buying trip.  And the sad look on the little girl's face screams "I want to wear appropriate clothing for my age!"  I'd bet that her parents were just looking for a little extra cash to supplement their attempt at being on  Toddlers & Tiaras.  This outfit will hang in the closet next to daisy dukes with words splashed across the backside, midriff-baring tees with demeaning phrases, and other clothes that solicit to pedophiles. 

Seriously.  Anytime I question whether I'm messing my kids up, I will just refer back to this picture and any mother/daughter pageant/dance show on TLC.

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Deb said...

I completely agree! I did a double take when I was perusing my Zulily email this morning... and thought it was hysterical how unhappy the little girl looked in the 'romper'!