Tuesday, August 23, 2011


...that M's teachers love her and really get her. 
...that after a bad first day in music class (it was too loud), that they are excusing her from that and she'll go to art class instead.  And after Friday's screaming and trying to run out the door after me, that 1.There were teachers strong enough to hold her back and 2.That there is a new plan in place for drop-off and the last two days have been great.
...that so far they have let her wear flipflops to school every day.
...that she enjoys Adventure Club after school. 
...that JJ likes her new classroom at Pre-K and has friends.
...that I have friends who want to help (even if I don't know how to ask)
...that even though I feel lost and I don't know where I should be, that my husband loves me. 
..."                                                                                             " that my kids love me.
...that we have a home, even though it's a mess and it's not very big, but it's ours.
...that it's going to be Fall soon.
...that I'm running again without pain.
...that I know what I'm fixing for dinner tonight and it's only 2:30. 


amanda said...

I love you, sweet friend. And I love doing life with you. I just think youre great and Im excited for this next chapter for Morgan, you and the entire family. Always here for you if you need anything. : )

Dana said...

Attitude is so imperative! Love your list!

Bill, Lauren, Will and Caroline said...

love your attitude. nice reminder for me today to be thankful for even the smallest things. thanks for your honesty and transparency.

Wohlschlaeger Family said...

It's refreshing to see your thankfulness where there could be lots of complaining. (which I'm sure there's that too!) But you've reminded me of the good things today! Thanks Amy!