Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Posts to Come

So yesterday's post was kind of surfacey, not very deep or what I have been thinking about writing lately.  I have several posts that I've written in my head, but then I self-edit and they never end up here.  There is a lot on my heart and in my head that are stirring my emotions, but I'm afraid of laying it all out there, perhaps making someone angry, possibly being rejected.  I've been self-editing my whole life.  Always worried of truly exposing myself, being the people-pleaser, facing the disapproval and thoughts of others.  But my thoughts are always filled with these things and isn't the point of blogging to get it out of your head?  So maybe I'll risk and write what I really want to write.

Jeff's out of town on a business trip to Chicago - I hate it when he goes on business trips.  This time he asked me to go with him, but we couldn't find a babysitter.  I was so excited about the possibility since it's been 3 years since we had an overnight without the kids.  And that was my 30th birthday in Chicago.  The first night away I'd had from the girls.  We fought a lot that weekend because there were things going on under the surface that we hadn't broken yet.  It was a couple of weeks later that we started our 3 years of marriage counseling.  So if you do the math, I've been away with my husband just once since having kids 6 years ago.  I think we're overdue.


Katy said...

I will personally come stay at your house overnight so you can go away with your husband for even just a night. Seriously. Let's talk about this.

JenHahn said...

I write blog entries all the time, but don't post them. It's a good way to get my thoughts together in a private arena. No people to please or hurt, but I can go back and reread it at some other time.

If you do get the opportunity to get away for a night with Jeff, spend some time in prayer before and during asking for God's protection from Satan. He LOVES to undermine our quality time with our husbands by picking fights that could be hashed out at another time. I've lost count of how many date nights have been ruined by the one who lies.

Amy R. said...

Katy, you are so generous and kind. I hope an opportunity comes by again - where the lodging and travel are paid for by his company like they were this time! :)

Amy R. said...

Jen, that is such great wisdom - I will definitely do that. And just being able to identify where strife is coming from is so valuable.

Maddie said...

I'm now going to pray you get an overnight without kids every day until it happens! You guys really deserve a little retreat.

Tiffany Nevil said...

Thanks for sharing those thoughts Amy! I wear my heart on my sleeve too and it is hard to say some things on the blog. I have a folder on the computer that I write in whenever I feel that way. It helps me decide if I want to blog it or not. I think you are right, getting it out is important. But if you are worried about how it may come across, write it out and ruminate on it a few days. It might just be what you need.

And as soon as I click "sumbit" I'm praying for you and Jeff to have some couple time...alone. :D Hugs lady,