Saturday, January 9, 2010

Erin's Photo of the Year

I hadn't read my friend Erin's blog in the last week because of snow days and being busy at work so imagine my surprise when I check it last night and she has chosen her Photo of the Year and I am in it! Honestly, I think it is definitely an amazing picture because of the talent of the photographer, but it is in an honor to be in it. Seriously Erin, if you ever need me for another photo shoot - I will dress up like a clown if you need me to. I wish modeling were my job because it was so fun.
Oh, to be Heidi Klum. *Sigh*

On a random note: What is the deal with people saving National Geographic magazines? Is it so you can refer to it if you are doing a report on pygmies? My parents saved theirs and I don't ever remember using them for a book report or project, or anything. Are you going to, in the middle of a conversation about something obscure, say "I'm not sure who started the ancient civilization of the Mayans. Hold on just a minute, let me reference Volume 23 of my N.G. for more information..." NO! They would just google it now. Actually, there is an online version for about $45 that looks pretty good. So free up your booksheves!

Hope you're all having a good weekend!


Elle said...

My mom saved all of hers too!! I never understood that!

rachel @ perfectly imperfect said...

that picture is awesome! you're so beautiful- i love that you got to model for such a great photographer! mommies don't get opportunities like that often. you look that good all the time! : )

Amy R said...

rachel and I are now friends for life.

The Mees Family said...

Amy-Just came across your blog! It's great :) I SO agree about the National Geographics! I had no idea other people's parents saved there's too! We have them from 1948... If you ever need to do a project, or cut out some great pictures for a bulletin board... :)