Monday, August 17, 2009

We are fish killers.

We discovered that the awful smell in our kitchen was not our garbage disposal, but our dead fish, Twilight. We had this one the longest - a whole year. So I was kind of attached. I'm still not sure if we should give her another "she's on vacation" story and get a new one (like we did the first 3 times - I mean c'mon, a week after her birthday and then a few weeks after that the 2nd time!? We didn't want to scar her for life). She was so lively and excited to see us. Anytime there was movement near her tank her little tail would swish side to side - she was hopeful for any flake of food that might land on her water. Her love of fish flakes might be what led to her demise. There was some confusion to the feeding schedule last week (don't worry Mom, I'm not mad at you) and the big T just couldn't say no. Will there be a T5? We haven't figured that one out yet. RIP, T4.


erin said...

Dangit. Poor T4. Those goldfish just eat until the pop.

justmeandthevoices said...

RIP, T4.