Monday, January 23, 2012

"So tell me a little bit about yourself..."

I hate this question.  Usually, hours after I'm asked, I come up with something like this:

I like to travel.
I hate Gorgonzola and blue cheeses.
I only like cilantro in salsas.
I have a wicked spider bite scar/story.
I strongly dislike horror movies, but I love a good suspense/thriller.
I have no desire to bungee jump.
I have been spelunking and rappelling a few times.
I love to camp.
I can kayak. 
I am a former beauty pageant contestant, but only as a runner-up, although I did win Ms. Congeniality.
When it comes to sushi, I only eat California rolls because I don't like raw fish.
I play the violin, but not very well.
I like to run, even though today I'm having a hard time getting motivated - hence the blogging.
I have a strong aversion to people who lie.
I can't keep a secret from my husband.
My best friends are like my family.
I worked in a large animal vet clinic once. 
Parenthood is my favorite TV show. 
I have two little girls. 
They are not at all who I expected - they are even better than that.
I'm from Columbia, Missouri and went to Mizzou.
I was an English major, Art History minor.
I played club soccer - wasn't good enough for Varsity but I love the game.
I've had my heart broken a few times.
Not just for reasons of love, but also by life.
It's made me stronger. (cue Kelly Clarkson or Kayne West song)
In another life, I would be an interior decorator.  Or a nurse.
I read the Twilight and Hunger Games series, but not Harry Potter.
I didn't go to my first high school reunion.  Not sure about the second. 
17 years ago I would have pegged myself as someone who would.
I'm glad I'm not the same person I was 17 years ago. 


Elle said...

I hate getting asked that! I don't even know what is appropriate or what they hope for you to say. I wish I cold just say, "You go first" to see if they even have an answer.

Tiffany Nevil said...

Amy, I love your list. Praying something better and more fulfilling comes along job-wise babe.