Monday, February 7, 2011

Feeling stuck

Today I had really high hopes of accomplishing major things: 

Cleaning my entire house
Removing the glue from the walls in the guest bedroom to prepare for painting
Clean up my grandfather's tool carrier so I can paint it and put plants in it
Call the unemployment office to ask why I'm not getting any $ from them even though I filed in December
Find a way to make $100 more each month
Read more of the Asperger's book
Do one nice thing for myself (kind of a goal I've tried this year for every day - it doesn't always happen)
Get dinner started
Yoga or Running
Find hooks for front hallway for the girls' backpacks and coats
Get together a bunch of stuff for Goodwill

So I only have 20 minutes until I pick up M from school and I have only accomplished Blog, get dinner started (which really means that I've just set the chicken out to thaw), called the unemployment office (they gave me an email to write to but didn't tell me what I'm supposed to be writing about and then hung up), and cleaning up my grandfather's tool carrier - which took up my whole day because it's completely caked in mud and oil. 

And I watched Marley & Me while doing that so it wasn't as painful.  Now it's drying out on the table so I can sand it later.  I think I'm going to paint it an off white, similar to what it looks like it was originally painted.  It's been sitting in our basement of all of our 3 houses for some time so I really wanted to finish it.  Although, I don't think my husband will be very impressed that cleaning a family heirloom took hours and hours of my time.  And honestly, I'm kind of wishing I had done the yoga this morning first thing.  I could see if M wants to join me when she gets home, but I remember trying that before and she didn't stay interested too long.  I'm just in a rut, feeling stuck, whatever you want to call it.  And watching Marley & Me has made me even more of an emotional mess.


Greta said...

I don't watch anything that will make me cry, EVER. I cry enough on my own. I like the tool carrier unpainted. SO COOL!

rachel @ perfectly imperfect said...

don't paint it- it's so cool!
love you!

Ellen said...

I am feeling the same way. Let's get together soon and feel stuck together.