Monday, April 27, 2009


I told my friend Katie that I would start my blog this past weekend. It's Monday, but I guess it's what you can come to expect if you're going to follow along. I'm not sure if I'll be able to post every day - well, I know I won't be able to because I can't even keep up with Facebook. But I have to start somewhere so here it goes....

JJ turned 2 on Friday. I can't believe that it's already been that long. I thought I would never get through the first few months and it's been two years! She is such a joy to us. What a sense of humor. What a great laugh. What a personality. JJ - we went through some hard stuff in the beginning, but we are so bonded because of it. You are my little punkin' munkin'. Happy Birthday, big girl!

And I can't quite figure out how to add pictures and make my blog all cute, so it would be nice if all of my blog-savvy friends would give me a shout to help me out. Thanks again, Katie, for the push to join the insanity. I added a picture of you all from Saturday, but can't figure out how to post pictures on different places on the blog other than the top. This blog is definitely going to expose my computer inadequacies.

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Katie said...

Hurray, Amy!! I'm proud of you!!